Krypto ist da, Krypto bleibt. Meiner Meinung nach ;-) Einige sagen, es sei ein sehr großer Fehler, wenn man nicht mindestens einen kleinen Teil seines Vermögens in Krypto investiert — mindestens für Diversifizierung. Aber das ist deine Entscheidung; dies ist keine finanzielle Beratung. Im Folgenden findest du lediglich eine detaillierte Erklärung für Einsteiger, wie du mit EUR auf deinem Bankkonto in den Besitz von großen und ggf. kleineren Kryptowährungen kommst.

Hinweis: Ich nutze hier im Bespiel EUR als Währung. Wenn deine Basis-Bankwährung eine andere sein sollte, sollte dies für alle Hauptwährungen gleich funktionieren.

  1. Registriere dich bei Binance & zahle deine…

Crypto is here, crypto will stay. In my opinion ;-) Some say it’s a very big mistake if you don’t invest at least a small portion of your wealth in crypto — for diversification reasons. That’s up to you and this is not a financial advice. But for whoever is interested, here’s a detailed explanation for beginners how you exchange your EUR in your bank account to buy the big cryptocurrencies and the smaller ones.

Note: This guide is using EUR as an example. …

To make it as easy as possible to swap/bridge from Tixl’s old MTXLT (BEP2) token to Tixl’s new TXL (ERC20), we are pleased to introduce a new token bridge.

Please find the guide below on how to use it.

How it works

  1. Go to the wallet where you hold your MTXLT
  2. Choose MTXLT and click on SEND
  3. Enter in the number of MTXLT you want to swap to TXL
  4. In the address field, type in this address: bnb19a0s6x7nqw570m5cqjyh6yx9k7yt70wtmjwalc
  5. IMPORTANT: You must add a MEMO and attach this Memo to the transaction. In the Memo, make sure you paste the Ethereum address (which can…

Soon we will be launching a brand-new feature in the Tixl Wallet — click-to-send to any Telegram contact!

When we started designing the Wallet, we wanted to build the best one we could, something different that wasn’t like any other Wallet. We designed it with the following goals and considerations in mind:

  • We wanted to make the user experience as intuitive as possible.
  • We wanted to address the “challenge” that crypto addresses are long, complicated, almost impossible to remember, and need to be copy/pasted. There is also always the risk of making a mistake with the address.

With the upcoming…

2020 saw the Tixl Project achieve some fantastic milestones.

At the outset, we committed that we would not be confined to one direction fixed in stone. Like anything in life and business, things change, and one of the main things that makes a project successful is the ability to adapt. From the beginning, we had the goal of making Tixl as valuable as it can be, and that means not being afraid to make changes in direction on the journey to get there.

Our approach has seen the price of TXL increase over time. The price development has been slow…

Our Community has asked for Staking, and we always planned to deliver it. Well, the wait is almost over!

Everything we do is driven by the goal of maximizing the value of TXL, and timelines for introducing new features are based on this. We’ve achieved some fantastic results recently — the launch of the Autobahn v0.1, Proof of Concept reached, the upcoming ERC20 integration followed by the game-changing interoperable Smart Contracts & dApps. With these wins under our belt, the time is now right to introduce Staking.

The value of TXL ultimately depends on a combination of people’s belief in…

The past year has seen massive change in the World. The way we looked at things before 2020 has been forever changed by the pandemic. One of the direct results has been Central Governments printing money to prop up economies hard-hit by job losses and productivity downturns. The massive increase in national debts has increased the attention of individual investors, and hedge funds alike, on cryptocurrencies, and the current bull run is evidence of this growing focus. Two things are clearer than ever — crypto provides a hedge against the negatives of continually printing fiat money, and decentralization within the…

The time has come to say goodbye.

It all started with the listing of our old MTXLT token on Binance DEX. Thank you Binance for the support!

With our new token, TXL, now live as our flagship token, we have decided to delist MTXLT at the beginning of January 2021. Not only will this provide more clarity for new investors, but this can also/will add more volume to the TXL trading and stop the option for small arbitrage trading.

Our ultimate goal was always to have one tradable token. This is the next step in this direction.

For MTXLT owners…

Today is the day, Dec 6, 2020, that Tixl´s Autobahn Network Mainnet v0.1 goes live! On top of this, we are releasing our latest, optimized version of the Tixl Wallet.

We wanted to provide a “how-to” guide to using the Tixl Wallet. The screenshots are taken from the desktop version. The Wallet works perfectly on mobile devices as well.

You can install the Wallet as a desktop app by using Google Chrome and pressing the +icon next to the URL, or as a mobile app by following the instructions in the banner that pops up.

Wallet Creation

After you visit the website…

We would like to thank our community for all the great feedback and suggestions we received about how we could make the Tixl Astronauts Club the best it could be.

There was a huge amount of feedback and we wanted to incorporate all the suggestions that we could. As a result, the changes have taken longer than we planned but we wanted to spend the time to make sure everything was looking good before the (re)launch.

What are the Changes?

There are some design adjustments, but the biggest change focuses on points-for-activities. The overwhelming feedback received from the community was that high-quality content —…

Dr. Maximilian Muelke

Chief Product & Marketing Officer @Tixl

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